Brie Larson’s secret MCU unveils Kevin Feige’s problem

Brie Larson appears in a surprising – and secretive – cameo in the finale of Mrs. Marvel, which highlights the MCU’s growing Phase 4 problem.

The truth behind Brie Larson’s sudden appearance in Mrs. Marvell She revealed a growing problem for Kevin Feige within the MCU. Mrs. MarvellThe series’ six-episode episodes laid the foundation for the future, with its repercussions across all phases of the franchise – from adjustments made to the powers and origins of Kamala Khan (Iman Vilani) to the assertion that Mutants officially in the MCU. The Disney+ show also provided an avenue for Pakistani representation, incorporating its culture and traditions into the superhero story. in addition to, Mrs. Marvell It is always designed to discuss Kamala coming of age and preparing for the upcoming movie marvelsso the cameo of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) was really inevitable.

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in Mrs. MarvellIn the end, the post-credit scene plays out after an unexpected twist regarding Kamala’s genetic makeup. After her first adventures as Mrs. Marvel, the teenage heroine was lounging in her bedroom when her magic bracelet suddenly glowed; Kamala sat upset and was led to her wardrobe, where she was carried away. in its place Captain Marvel, who looks different in the fourth stageShe went out, and sent her hands the same glow as the bangle. Then she looked around Kamala’s bedroom, confused by her many posters hanging on the walls. At first, viewers thought Kamala had turned into Captain Marvel, but Marvel confirmed that the first was “Captain Marvel.”By some unknown force. However, as interesting as this inscription was, the managers of Mrs. Marvell He hardly knew about her.

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Brie Larson’s veil Mrs. Marvell Posted by marvels Directed by Nia D’Costa under the direction of Kevin Feige. The scene surprised directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah, who only saw it in post-production. This revelation shows a problem within the MCU; Since the beginning of the franchise, Feige has been overseeing Every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie And making sure that the coherent details will pay off in a climax theatrical event. Thus, there are times when only Feige knows exactly what’s going on, as he has a monopoly on secrets in the MCU. However, it seems inappropriate to leave out an important scene like Captain Marvel’s appearance in Mrs. Marvell From its directors – no matter how brief and detached from the show.

It’s strange that Ms. Marvel directors didn’t know about the Brie Larson Cameo movie

Marvel Season 1 Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Although it was already known Mrs. Marvell Puts marvelsThe film had not been fully conceived by the time the show began shooting. as such, Mrs. Marvell She was given more creative freedom in telling Kamala’s story, but in the end, she had to prepare her and give her the physical and emotional maturity she needed to eventually join Captain Marvel and Monica Rambo (Tiona Paris). Because of this separation, the managers Mrs. Marvell They weren’t familiar with Captain Marvel’s veil. They often asked Feige about a possible Captain Marvel appearance on the show, which was only met with secrecy. The Marvel CEO only instructed DaCosta to shoot a specific scene for the bridge of my two MCU projects. Still, there is not much information about Mrs. MarvellFuture plans have been handed over to managers, which is strange considering they are supposed to be in charge. Feige should have at least briefed them on Larson’s post so that the engraving was properly integrated into the show rather than just being an add on.

The cameo for Brie Larson is part of a bigger future issue in the MCU

MCU Thor Love And Thunder Post-Credits Hercules

Brie Larson’s secret Mrs. Marvell Anaglyph is just the beginning of a bigger MCU problem brewing. The latest developments, Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein, who was cast as Hercules in Thor: Love and ThunderAnd the He talked about his future in the superhero franchise — claiming he knew nothing but his brief appearance in the post-credits scene in bull 4. While the Goldstein affair may just be a manifestation of Marvel’s secrecy, it also indicates the studio’s focus on bringing in vignettes and potential future annoyances rather than polishing the story at hand.

Feige’s inability to share relevant details with the people involved is also making matters worse. Instead of presenting an actual plan for Mrs. Marvell, a sudden veil was thrown; Rather than giving a more personified view of the war between the gods, Hercules was only teased. Although anaglyph tease Upcoming MCU Projects It has always been the norm, it has been adequately implemented in the past stages. Now, these annoyances are simply included to make the franchise coherent and excite the audience while compromising the quality of the projects the studio was putting out. Unless this is resolved in the near future, it could lead to serious problems within the MCU.

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