Britney Spears caught off guard by Sam Asghari on Instagram Live

On Wednesday night, Britney Spears was taken aback when her husband, Sam Asgari, popped up on Instagram apparently without her knowledge.

Sam, who got Married / Married to Britney in June after nearly six years of dating, it seems nearly 3,000 people tuned in to watch him chat with his followers on a live stream.

However, things got really awkward when he suddenly asked Britney — who he was sitting with in the dark, apparently in bed — if she wanted to pose for the camera.

“Can I show you or not?” asks the pop star, who is off camera. Looking confused, she replied, “Huh? Show me what?”

“Live,” Sam says, to which Britney frustratedly replies, “What are you talking about?”

Sam asks, “Can I turn the camera on you?” However, Britney makes it clear that she does not want to be photographed, saying, “I don’t need to see anything, I know!”

Sam does not point the camera at Britney, though he continues to speak to the viewers while standing next to her. “It’s called Instagram Live, but we’re ending it now. So I wish you a good night.”

Clearly frustrated, Britney raises her voice and says, “I don’t want to jump in, I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them right now.”

“It looks good,” Sam replies, and then the couple sits in silence for a few seconds.

A clip of the awkward exchange also began Draw attention Across social media, many netizens jumped to Britney’s defense, arguing that she was well within her rights to shut down Sam for her “on the spot” situation.

One person “has every right to privacy and not want to talk to anyone” Wrote. “What Sam did is put her on right away, which isn’t cool.”

“If only people understood that she didn’t like it,” another said Wrote. “I don’t know that people would want her to do something so bad.”

If you’ve been keeping up with Britney’s Instagram activity, you may be aware that the comments at the bottom of her posts — many of which have been shared multiple times — are often flooded with speculation about her well-being.

Britney spent nearly 14 years under strict security, as her father and a group of lawyers controlled her life and finances.

Since it was a legal arrangement It was terminated last NovemberBritney has become increasingly vocal about the abuse she says she has faced under her terms over the years.

And fans have continued to express concern for the singer over the past year, in part because of her Social media activity.

In fact, like Britney’s comments, Sam’s Instagram comments are often flooded with worried fans wondering where Britney is.

Thus, it has since been hypothesized that Sam tried to film Britney on his Instagram Live due to the constant online angst.

“It’s because people keep asking them to do live videos as proof of existence, I know it sounds silly but that’s what people are saying on her Instagram,” Wrote In response to a clip from the embarrassing live broadcast.

However, most fans eventually questioned Sam’s decision to catch Britney off guard and try to piss her off.

“But why does Sam live around her? Doesn’t he know her well enough not to ask her if she wants to jump?” 1 person Wrote on Twitter.

After everything she’s been through [alleged] Private surveillance I find this filming without her consent strange from her husband? ” He said elseIn reference to claim That Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, previously allowed surveillance of her bedroom and phone without her knowledge while she was living under conservatorship. Jimmy denied the claim.

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