How to Shop According to Your Social Values ​​| spending

To align your shopping with your social values, start by paying attention to where you spend your money. Buying from companies that support the things you care about can help ensure that you’re spending in the right places. What social values ​​can guide my shopping? If a cause matters to you, chances are there is … Read more

Vacation survival tips from 5 financial professionals

For Ryan Decker, surviving the holiday shopping season is all about planning ahead. In fact, if he sees a gift for one of his two young sons in March, he’ll go ahead and buy it, instead of rushing through his December shopping list. “It lightens the load greatly,” he says, making December bills easier because … Read more

3 Social Security changes in 2023 you probably didn’t know

(Kylie Hagen) The purchasing power of Social Security has been declining for decades, but rarely have seniors felt it as much as they did this year. Record inflation has made everything considerably more expensive, and that has made life very difficult for those with little or no personal savings to supplement their checks. But there … Read more

65% of US investors say lower inflation will make them more financially confident. But when will that happen?

Image source: Getty Images If you are tired of rampant inflation, you are certainly not alone. the main points Inflation has been hitting consumers for more than a year. Although there are signs of it slowing down (including a 0.5% drop from September to October), we’re not there yet. It was a tough year for … Read more