8 of her best books

Much of what makes a good writer is the ability to notice the right things. In the words of another prolific writer, Nora Ephron: “Everything is copy.” Joan Didion She understood this and, as a pioneer of the New Journalism, her subjects wavered between the political world around them and themselves, unafraid to fly a … Read more

Dream books: saving dogs, cats and pets seeking funds

Kristi Schaal embraces Chiquitita, a black Chihuahua ready for adoption at her tiny rescue shop Nov. 30 in Carmichael. Good Sense Dogs Rescue is asking $13,000 to add a stand-alone building with heating and air conditioning, along with dog beds and a dog run. Jose Luis Villegas bee specific The backyard of Good Sense Dogs, … Read more

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill

She opened an independent women’s bookstore in Chestnut Hill Hummingbird books are a favorite among Boston book aficionados Updated: 8:30 PM EST Dec 6, 2022 Hide text Show text >> We wanted to get people out of their homes together and talk about new books and ideas. >> What better place to collect than a … Read more

Books are the great lasting gift

Some of the fondest and strongest memories are about books. I am smitten with their scent, their ornate edges, and their myriad artistry. Opening a book and taking a big whiff before I fix myself a drink and start reading is one of the joys of life. When I was a little girl, my mom … Read more

I don’t like this book so no one can read it

Some rain must fall in every life. But that hasn’t stopped some well-meaning parents in my neighborhood from driving their kids to the school bus stop even in a mist of only fine drizzle. There they sit, idling their engines until the bus arrives, lest their precious sons or daughters risk the unimaginable horror of … Read more

Zen Nick Riggle

Nick Riggle is having a really bad week. In fact, he goes so far as to say that the past few weeks have been “the hardest of my life.” In fact, on our Zoom call, it became very clear, very quickly, that the University of San Diego professor, writer, and philosopher was still recovering from … Read more