CHIP AT 30: Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program celebrates three decades

Maureen Sedro’s children were enrolled in CHIP—Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program—in the 1990s, when she was a cash-strapped single mother. But even after so many years, she can still remember the peace of mind the program brought her, knowing her children had health insurance if anything should happen. “When you’re struggling and you have a … Read more

Hull: Scoop: Hull, other FMCG companies in the sale speak with nutrition company Oziva

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is in talks to acquire the botanical supplement brand Oziva, several people familiar with the matter said, marking the beginning of what could lead to a wave of consolidation in the brand’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) market. Oziva, which sells nutrition and fitness products across categories like women’s health, skin and hair, men’s health, … Read more

Some potential benefits and risks with alternative medicines for heart failure

Statement highlights: There are some serious potential benefits and risks when people with heart failure use complementary and alternative therapies to manage symptoms. People with heart failure should tell their healthcare team including pharmacists if they are using any over-the-counter or other therapies, such as herbal supplements or exercise programmes, other than those prescribed by … Read more

The Florida Health Insurance Advisory Council recommends deductible health credit transfers and insulin cost caps to the legislature – state of repair

Last Wednesday, the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (FHIAB) They voted unanimously To send a set of policy recommendations developed by Florida Voices for Health to the state legislature for consideration in the 2023 legislative session. Get the latest state-specific policy intelligence for the healthcare sector delivered to your inbox. 8 Consumer Policy Recommendations It … Read more

UVM Health Network is launching a collaborative care model

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – UVM Health Network has implemented a new plan model to transform primary care practices into a one-stop shop integrating physical and mental health treatment. Vermont patients can now check into any one of four clinics near Middlebury and seven clinics in the Burlington area and doctors will work as a team … Read more

Fasted Cardio: Here’s the truth

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed and immediately set up on the treadmill, you’ve unintentionally experimented with fasted cardio. Exercising on an empty stomach isn’t always intentional. But fitness experts say there are reasons to try it—especially if you have endurance or body remodeling goals. What is heart fasting? The type of exercise and … Read more

Recap: Watch the third day of the murder trial of ex-cop Aaron Dean

Day three for former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean murder trial The shooting of Atatiana Jefferson began Wednesday morning with testimony from crime scene investigators and police and ended with Jefferson’s sister Ashley Carr taking the stand. The state rested its case Wednesday afternoon. The trial will resume on Monday when defense witnesses will … Read more