Fasted Cardio: Here’s the truth

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed and immediately set up on the treadmill, you’ve unintentionally experimented with fasted cardio. Exercising on an empty stomach isn’t always intentional. But fitness experts say there are reasons to try it—especially if you have endurance or body remodeling goals. What is heart fasting? The type of exercise and … Read more

Embattled SoulCycle opens up to ClassPass subscribers in an effort to drum up new members

In a stark shift from its ultra-exclusive image, SoulCycle will now offer classes through its ClassPass subscription app in an effort to increase attendance. The multi-year partnership announced Tuesday means ClassPass credits can now be used to enter SoulCycle spinning classes, a move ok + good He says it was “absolutely unimaginable”. SoulCycle, once known … Read more

5 exercises that women over the age of 60 can do

Most women are either confined to balancing their professional lives with their personal lives or are preoccupied with endless household chores. Many of them don’t even get time for themselves and indulge in activities like exercise. When they’re older and know their kids will do just fine without them, they decide to get involved in … Read more

The #1 exercise for how to get rid of hip fat fast

In addition to slimming the tummy, the hips are one of the most difficult parts of the body to melt fat. according to Medical news todayReducing the amount of hip fat you have is possible with the right exercises and diet regimen. You can’t reduce, but you are Can Reducing your total body fat, which … Read more

Your neighborhood gym is now a fitness influencer. And busting exercise myths

tIt’s Jim Will Bahia With his helpful tips on fitness and diet he is now an influencer. He has evolved into an expert social media fitness trainer. Freed from the constraints of geography and physical proximity, business is booming. It’s an integrated industry now on Instagram, with handles like “ Strength,” “ThePicky Eater,” and “Penutphsique” … Read more