Why time under stress is the latest fitness trend

hHave you been working out in the gym but not achieving the results you hoped for? It can go back to your style. What if, instead of worrying about the number of repetitions, you focused on the number of seconds your muscles were working? This shift in focus is what some professional trainers call the … Read more

Your brain needs a proper diet and exercise too

Summary: Researchers are exploring how diet, exercise, and social engagement can help stave off cognitive impairment and improve overall brain health. source: University of Kentucky Healthy brain aging is a concern for all of us. June is known as Alzheimer’s and Mind Awareness Month. It’s normal to struggle with the little things like remembering names … Read more

In yoga it is to minimize oscillation

We’ve all been there before – frozen in a yoga class trying desperately to match exactly What a teacher does, only to realize that we are stuck in a fixed position doesn’t just look good, it doesn’t look so Feel Good. According to the Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Alex ArtemikThe best thing we can do … Read more

Virgin Active plans flexible rates and online offers to combat work-from-home trends

Virgin Active says its South African clubs are showing good traction to restore membership after restrictions around capacity were lifted, in line with closing regulations in February 2022. Since the easing of coronavirus restrictions and the removal of capacity restrictions in the first quarter of 2022, Virgin Active South Africa said its sales have recovered … Read more

Here’s how to start exercising again after a break

Here’s a little secret about being a personal trainer: though Fitness Being at the center of my world, I’m a rather modest physical specimen. I’m not particularly strong, nor exceptionally fast, nor am I genetically gifted in any way. In fact, I’m not even who – which Hard worker in the gym. One thing I, … Read more

“I cut everything down and I look a lot better.” – Fitness Volt

Classic fitness talent Chris Baumstead Getting ready to start his preparations for 2022 Mr. Olympia. Before ramping up his bodybuilding season, Baumstead says the “very low dose” cycle helped him look a lot better, as well as keep him healthy. Baumstead, a three-time Olympic Physique Classic champion, is widely regarded as one of the biggest … Read more

Should I rest or continue to exercise?

Knee pain is often due to hip or ankle problems, said Luke Worthington, a personal trainer. Rehabilitation and movement exercises can help, according to Dr. David Geyer, an orthopedic surgeon. There are a few cases where not being able to move completely improves joint pain, Worthington said. Read more It’s working outside over here. loading … Read more

Yoga vs. the Gym: How to Get Super Fit and Build Muscle | Opinion

The human muscular system is an exceptional thing. What our muscles can do is amazing. This can be enhanced by strengthening it, but at the same time making it very flexible. If you exercise a lot of weights, your muscles will look large but without flexibility. If you see people whose muscles have grown big, … Read more