CHIP AT 30: Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program celebrates three decades

Maureen Sedro’s children were enrolled in CHIP—Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program—in the 1990s, when she was a cash-strapped single mother. But even after so many years, she can still remember the peace of mind the program brought her, knowing her children had health insurance if anything should happen. “When you’re struggling and you have a … Read more

The Florida Health Insurance Advisory Council recommends deductible health credit transfers and insulin cost caps to the legislature – state of repair

Last Wednesday, the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (FHIAB) They voted unanimously To send a set of policy recommendations developed by Florida Voices for Health to the state legislature for consideration in the 2023 legislative session. Get the latest state-specific policy intelligence for the healthcare sector delivered to your inbox. 8 Consumer Policy Recommendations It … Read more

How some state legislatures are preparing to further limit reproductive rights

This article was originally published by nineteenth On December 5, 2022. As statehouses across the country prepare for next year’s legislative sessions—mostly for the first time since Roe v. Wade was overturned—Republican lawmakers are pushing for more restrictions on reproductive health, even in states where abortion is already banned. But divisions are already emerging. Now, … Read more

Florida leaders misrepresented research prior to banning gender affirmation sponsorship

Behind Florida’s decision to ban clinical services for transgender teens, there is a point of discussion — reiterated by the state’s governor and top medical authorities — that most cases of gender ambivalence fade over time. The Florida Board of Medicine voted on November 4 to Base approval That prevented doctors from performing surgery on … Read more

China’s policy on COVID-19 is in flux | The Mighty 790 KFGO

BEIJING (Reuters) – China is preparing to announce new measures to further ease some of the world’s toughest coronavirus restrictions early Wednesday, sources told Reuters, with investors encouraged by the prospect of changes after widespread protests and mounting economic damage. A zero-COVID policy to eliminate transmission of the virus has become a global exception as … Read more

Matt Hancock’s justification for the Covid care home policy has angered the industry

Matt Hancock’s unwavering defense of his handling of care homes during the Covid pandemic has sparked outrage within the industry. In his memoirs on the pandemic, the former health minister detailed the government’s early decision-making in an effort to keep the nation’s vulnerable and elderly community safe. Industry insiders said today that they are even … Read more

Claims and costs push health insurance up

The health insurance market is a complex matrix. With over 320 plans to choose from, it will test even the most patient of patients. No wonder most simply let their policies roll when it comes time to renew. However, premiums are starting to rise again along with goods and services in other parts of the … Read more

Advocates view the legal challenge to the abortion pill with caution

Reproductive rights advocates are on edge about a lawsuit to overturn the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decades-old approval of the drug mifepristone, which, if successful, would end legal access to the abortion pill nationwide. Lawyers and legal experts say the suit has no merit, but they fear conservative courts will think otherwise. The abortion … Read more

The bill prohibits gender reassignment for those under the age of 21

Ostensibly, Americans and their legislators accept and understand LGBT people more now more than a decade ago. The Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage is one of the most tangible and significant gains for LGBT rights — yet the 2015 decision directly protected only lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. No fewer than 19 … Read more

sick at school? CMS Attendance Policy Under Audit | WFAE 90.7

One morning last month, Ben Jacobs, a student at Myers Park High School, woke up feeling nauseous with a terrible headache. He ran to the bathroom and vomited. Then he collected himself and entered the school before the end of the first period. Jacobs, who has already missed some schools due to a medical issue, … Read more