The Speaker of the House of Representatives announces that the House of Representatives will not consider the so-called “Advanced Recycling” bill

Tuesday 21 June 2022 GoLocalProv News Team Watch bigger screen + House Speaker Joe Chicarchi Photo: GoLocal Tuesday morning, GoLocal has published a story about the growing opposition to a bill that opponents say would allow the unregulated burning of plastics and what proponents call an innovation to recycle plastic products. “The House will not … Read more

The dynamic loop resonator offers a new opportunity in the artificial frequency dimension

An artificial heel lattice along the light frequency axis in two paired fiber loops of different lengths. Credit: Guangzhen Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Synthetic dimensions in photonics provide exciting new ways to manipulate light, study physical phenomena with exotic bonds, and explore high-dimensional physics. Dynamically modulated cyclic resonator systems, where the resonance patterns are … Read more

Study shows molecular details of HIV-1 assembly and viral envelope protein incorporation

Assembly of HIV-1, which causes AIDS, occurs on the inner plasma membrane leaflet of infected cells, an engineering construction process that creates hexagons of viral Gag protein trimers, as directed by Gag’s N-terminal matrix domain. However, some details of virion assembly have remained unavailable for four decades. In a study published in the journal Proceedings … Read more

Alana Stevenson: Do you care about wildlife? Look at your wallets

This comment was written by Alana Stevenson, an animal behaviorist who lives in Charlotte. Many Vermonters don’t know how to manage Vermont’s wildlife. We tend to think of Vermont as picturesque, pro-environmental and progressive. In fact, when it comes to wildlife, animals, and the environment, Vermont lags far behind many other states. In fact, there … Read more

A drought-stricken reservoir near Vegas hit a new low since the 1930s

Article – Commodity FILE PHOTO – The relatively arid desert is seen at 33,000 feet on May 19, 2022 over Lake Mead, Nevada. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) Las vigas – Lake Mead, the drought-stricken Colorado River lake just outside of Las Vegas, has been under full capacity for decades — and once again dropped … Read more

Gravity – yes, Gravity – is the next frontier for batteries

When renewable energy solutions dwindle from a shortage WindAnd the Extensionor the sunAncient gravity could fill the void to generate energy. Using hanging weights in times of need for power, a gravity-based solution drops weights to generate power. Whether they are modular or existing buildings underground shaftsInfrastructure needs for gravity-based energy projects are not a … Read more

A genome study found that the mites that live and reproduce on your face have an anus

An example of Demodex follicle. picture: stock struggle (stock struggle) Scientists have finally revealed the genetic secrets of humanity’s warmest roommates: demodex follicles, also known as skin mites. Among other things, the results confirm that these mites do indeed have an anus, contrary to previous speculation. They also point out that the microscopic animals may … Read more

Watching wildlife | Bancroft this week

June 21 2022 Written by Nate Smil Traveling through rural Ontario any time of year, it’s always wise to keep an eye on the local wildlife on the go. Each year, approximately two dozen moose are killed in car crashes in Algonquin County Park alone. In the last two weeks of last May, four moose … Read more

Conservationists in court bid to halt $16 billion Scarborough gas project due to damage to barrier reef | Gas

Environmental group launched legal bid to stop $16 billion Gas development in Western Australiaarguing that the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the Great Barrier Reef would be significant and should be assessed under national environmental law. The Scarborough gas project in Woodside will likely affect the natural heritage and natural heritage values ​​of the … Read more