The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleaning up the former BA landfill site found it to contain dangerous radioactivity levels.

EPA workers cover the former Broken Arrow landfill with mud after surveys and soil testing revealed dangerous levels of radioactivity at the site. said David Robertson, an on-site coordinator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s District Six. Of major interest are thorium-232 and its “decay chain” relative, radium-228; The latter decomposes into radon, a carcinogen. … Read more

A hearty globe – and sometimes it can’t be seen – sinks into the planet Sussex – The Irish Times

Harry and Meghan have unveiled the first three episodes of their six-part Netflix documentary. The goal with Harry & Meghan (Netflix, out Thursday), says Harry, is to give their perspective on life, death, and Megxit. “Doesn’t it make sense to hear our story from us?” This story, in the first episode at least, is very … Read more

The study explores the possibility that dark photons could be a source of heat for intergalactic gas

(Upper panel) Fit of the Doppler parameter distribution and plume intensity distribution function in the Lyman alpha forest at z = 0.1 assuming the maximum contribution of dark photon heating to the linewidth. The contours show the projection of the 68% and 95% time intervals for the mass and mixing parameter of the dark photon. … Read more

Innovative herd research advances understanding of female infertility | Nebraska today

Innovative research by scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying the reproductive biology of cows offers significant long-term potential to address female infertility challenges. Reproductive physiologist Andrea Cobb and colleagues in the Department of Animal Sciences are deepening understanding of the biology of bovine reproduction using advanced genetic analysis, reproductive tissue culture and other tools. … Read more

The Wildlife Conference promotes the protection of sharks and turtles

PANAMA CITY (AP) — An international wildlife conference has moved to enact some of the most important protections for shark species targeted in the fin trade and dozens of turtles, Lizards and frogs whose numbers are decimated by the pet trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, known … Read more

Early dark energy could explain the crisis in cosmology

In 1916, Einstein finished his theory of general relativity, which describes how gravitational forces alter the curvature of space-time. Among other things, this theory predicted that the universe was expanding, which was confirmed by observations of Edwin Hubble in 1929. Since then, astronomers have looked far into space (and thus, in time) to measure how … Read more

The light paradox goes beyond the wave-particle duality

This is the third article in a series of articles exploring the birth of quantum physics. Light is a paradox. It is associated with wisdom and knowledge, with deity. The Enlightenment suggested the light of reason as a guiding path toward truth. We evolved to identify visual patterns with great accuracy—to distinguish foliage from a … Read more

Study reveals role for DNA methylation in ocean microbial communities

Scheme of epigenomic analysis of ocean surface samples. Schematic overview of epigenetics. Epigenetics using genome-based epigenetics from a binning approach of short- and long-read assemblies, followed by identification of epigenetic signals of the genomes from long-read mapping. attributed to him: microbiome (2022). DOI: 10.1186/s40168-022-01340-w DNA methylation is a biological process by which methyl groups are … Read more

Officials shut down the Sacramento Wildlife Welfare Society

State wildlife officials temporarily closed Sacramento County’s only wildlife rehabilitation facility to treat thousands of sick and injured animals a year after most of its employees left their jobs on Wednesday. Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife posted banners Wednesday evening at the entrance to the museum Wildlife Welfare Association At McClellan Park … Read more