Polygon claims to have achieved carbon neutrality

Polygon claims to be sharp green: in cooperation with climadawthe Polygon Ecosystem has retired $400,000 in carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions. ribbedhe is Ethereum The expansion platform that brings millions into Web3. According to a press release issued yesterday, the platform says its network has reached carbon neutrality. This milestone is on the … Read more

The Speaker of the House of Representatives announces that the House of Representatives will not consider the so-called “Advanced Recycling” bill

Tuesday 21 June 2022 GoLocalProv News Team Watch bigger screen + House Speaker Joe Chicarchi Photo: GoLocal Tuesday morning, GoLocal has published a story about the growing opposition to a bill that opponents say would allow the unregulated burning of plastics and what proponents call an innovation to recycle plastic products. “The House will not … Read more

A drought-stricken reservoir near Vegas hit a new low since the 1930s

Article – Commodity FILE PHOTO – The relatively arid desert is seen at 33,000 feet on May 19, 2022 over Lake Mead, Nevada. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) Las vigas – Lake Mead, the drought-stricken Colorado River lake just outside of Las Vegas, has been under full capacity for decades — and once again dropped … Read more

Conservationists in court bid to halt $16 billion Scarborough gas project due to damage to barrier reef | Gas

Environmental group launched legal bid to stop $16 billion Gas development in Western Australiaarguing that the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the Great Barrier Reef would be significant and should be assessed under national environmental law. The Scarborough gas project in Woodside will likely affect the natural heritage and natural heritage values ​​of the … Read more

Canada bans single-use plastics to combat climate change and pollution

Placeholder while loading article actions The Canadian government has said Canada will ban the manufacture and import of “harmful” single-use plastics by the end of the year, in a sweeping effort to combat pollution and climate change. Environment Canada said Monday that most plastic grocery bags, cutlery and straws will be subject to the ban, … Read more

Wildlife fears as Boris Johnson accused of failing to deliver on his political pledges | green policy

Activists say nature is facing a “perfect storm of threats” after promising eight wildlife bills Boris Johnson Since coming to power until now they have failed to see the light of day. The government has been accused of abandoning its commitments by failing to deliver policies on nature-friendly agriculture, the use of peat and pesticides, … Read more

Blaming illegal foreign fishing crews for killing protected turtles on Australian islands

There are growing concerns about Indonesian fishermen illegally killing and eating protected turtles off the northern coast of Australia, with authorities confirming that eight cleft animals were found open with their eggs removed. the main points: Eight female green turtles have been discovered with their eggs removed from islands off northwest Australia It is believed … Read more

Coral reefs inspire Hawaii’s coastal protection system

Image from video courtesy of University of Hawaii (Bevin) The University of Hawaii plans to develop “Resistive Coastal Defense Rapid Reef” – or R3D – to help protect coastlines from flooding, erosion and storm damage. The university says the Living Coast Protection System is inspired by coral reefs. From a University of Hawaii press release: … Read more