The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleaning up the former BA landfill site found it to contain dangerous radioactivity levels.

EPA workers cover the former Broken Arrow landfill with mud after surveys and soil testing revealed dangerous levels of radioactivity at the site. said David Robertson, an on-site coordinator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s District Six. Of major interest are thorium-232 and its “decay chain” relative, radium-228; The latter decomposes into radon, a carcinogen. … Read more

Renewable energy growth is turbocharged as countries seek to enhance energy security – News

The global energy crisis is leading to a sharp acceleration in renewable energy installations, with total capacity growth worldwide set to nearly double in the next five years, overtaking coal as the largest source of electricity generation all the way and helping to preserve the potential for limiting capacity. The International Energy Agency says in … Read more

view | Want to save the planet? Focus on wild cats.

Comment on this story Suspension John Goodrich is the chief scientist for Panthera, the global organization for the protection of wild cats. Global biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, by more than 1 million species Endangered. This week, the governments of most countries in the world will gather at COP15 – United Nations Conference … Read more

Stop burning trees for energy, say 650 scientists ahead of the Cop15 Biodiversity Summit | Policeman 15

More than 650 scientists are urging world leaders to stop burning trees for energy because they destroy valuable habitats for wildlife. in preparation for Policeman 15And it’s the UN Biodiversity Summit, they say countries urgently need to stop using forest bioenergy to generate heat and electricity because it undermines international climate and nature goals. Instead, … Read more

Young workers prefer to work in companies with climate change policies

BOSTON — Despite a labor shortage desperately looking to hire and an economy wreaking havoc on bank accounts, young people are increasingly reluctant — or outright opposed — to working for a company that doesn’t have climate-friendly policies. The cultural shift in attitudes from previous generations shows that Gen Z and millennials are taking more … Read more

Rising Murray leads to Riverland farmers’ energy concerns as some elderly care residents in Rhinemark to be evacuated

Ben Taylor was seven years old when he saw the Murray River swell to peak levels in Riverland in 1974. the main points: Farmers worry about power outages as the Murray River rises The SA government says it is putting pressure on SA Power Networks to provide better communications and discretion Authorities will relocate a … Read more

Car parking has become as important as cars in climate change efforts

Vcg | China Optical Group | Getty Images It’s not just cars that will go through the energy transition in the coming years. Parking lots where electric vehicles are recharged are a growing focus of construction efforts linked to climate change and carbon abatement. A law approved in France last month requires that car parks … Read more