The study explores the possibility that dark photons could be a source of heat for intergalactic gas

(Upper panel) Fit of the Doppler parameter distribution and plume intensity distribution function in the Lyman alpha forest at z = 0.1 assuming the maximum contribution of dark photon heating to the linewidth. The contours show the projection of the 68% and 95% time intervals for the mass and mixing parameter of the dark photon. … Read more

The light paradox goes beyond the wave-particle duality

This is the third article in a series of articles exploring the birth of quantum physics. Light is a paradox. It is associated with wisdom and knowledge, with deity. The Enlightenment suggested the light of reason as a guiding path toward truth. We evolved to identify visual patterns with great accuracy—to distinguish foliage from a … Read more

Detecting dark matter using quantum computers

In a new breakthrough, scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Fermilab have found a way to detect dark matter using quantum computers. Dark matter makes up about 27% of the matter and energy budget in the universe, but scientists don’t know much about it. They already know that it’s cold, which means that the … Read more

Physics Books 2022 | Symmetry Journal

Elusive: How Peter Higgs Solved the Mystery of the Requiem, by Frank Close On the day the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics was announced, University of Glasgow theoretical physicist and presumptive laureate Peter Higgs kept himself off the grid. Telling no one where he was, Higgs left his apartment and started walking. This year, on … Read more

The black hole’s “carnivals” may produce the signals seen by gravitational-wave detectors

An artistic impression of a cluster of black holes at the heart of a star cluster. Credit: ESA/Hubble, N. Bartmann Since 2015, the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration has detected about 85 pairs of black holes colliding with each other. We now know that Einstein was right: gravitational waves are generated by these systems as they swirl around … Read more

The threat of a common enemy may no longer unite polarized Americans, a study finds

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain During World War II, the Americans banded together. They ate less meat and planted victory gardens. They lowered the thermostats and rationed gasoline. Republican, Democrat – it didn’t matter: Faced with a common enemy, American civilians were willing to sacrifice for American interests. That was 80 years ago, when the political … Read more

Will gravitational waves solve one of the biggest mysteries in physics? (weekend feature)

“Gravitational waves will bring us wonderfully accurate maps of black holes — maps of space-time. These maps will show whether what we are dealing with are black holes as described in general relativity,” said the Nobel laureate, Caltech. Cape Thorne. Scientists at Cardiff University Gravity Exploration Institute They use the technologies behind one of the … Read more

The study looks at the millisecond pulses of pulsar PSR J1023+0038

Aqueye + light curve for PSR J1023 + 0038 observed Jan 2020, sagging every 10 seconds. The count rate is normalized at the maximum count rate. The vertical colored area indicates the visually determined ignition interval. Credit: Illiano et al, 2022 European astronomers have conducted X-rays and optical observations of a millisecond transition pulsar known … Read more

How quantum optics illuminates quark nature

Schematic illustration of holistic science. Scientists from the University of Rostock in Germany have managed to recreate key physical properties from the world of elementary particle physics in a photosystem. The results are published in nature physics. in their Basic researchAnd the experimental physicists They routinely bring gigantic, complex machines to bear: gigantic particle accelerators … Read more