The producers of “Field of Dreams” TV reject the Iowa grant, and say the project is on hold

The team that adapted “Field of Dreams” into a live TV series turned down a state grant, further jeopardizing a project that officials hope will bring attention to Iowa. Executive producer Morgan Sackett told the Iowa Economic Development Authority in an email Oct. 24 that Universal Television, the company producing the show, had declined the … Read more

Mandel: With Deion Sanders in Colorado, anything seems possible

When Colorado Athletic Director Rick George fired another losing football coach, Carl Durrell, five games into the season, becoming a common question across the profession: Who even wants this job? Somebody He wanted it, and he is It just so happens to be the most exciting recruitment a school can do. Deion Sanders is coming … Read more

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are among the players trying to be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in a panel vote

Outside of Pete Rose, he is the most fiery and enduring inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Do top players suspected of taking performance-enhancing drugs deserve to be in Cooperstown? The ultimate amplification of those swirls around cases for and against pitcher Barry Bonds and wiping out pitcher Roger Clemens. The hall’s final … Read more

Built to Disappear: The 974 World Cup Stadium

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Of the seven stadiums Qatar built for the World Cup, one will go away after the tournament. That’s what Games organizers had to say about Doha’s 974 Stadium – a port-side structure with more than 40,000 seats built in part from recycled shipping containers and steel. Qatar says the stadium will … Read more