Julian Champagne Feels ‘Looking Again’

History repeats itself for Julien Champagne. Skeptics question him. Critics put holes in his game. In high school, the label was that he wasn’t good enough to play college basketball. Now, after transforming himself into one of the best players in the Big East, he’s heard the same things about his NBA prospects. “I’m so … Read more

Best (and Worst) NBA Draft Scenarios for Presses

year 2022 NBA Draft Days later, rumors circulate about what Detroit Pistons Maybe he does. With many considering this as a three- or four-player draft, Troy Weaver really has the opportunity to “start” the draft with pick #5. We polled the team at DBB to see the best and worst case scenarios that could come … Read more

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3 Things Dallas Mavericks Can Learn From The 2022 NBA Finals

The 2022 NBA season is officially over, and the Golden State Warriors are champions once again. The Mavericks haven’t played in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I’m done trying them for more success. The finals taught us a few things, and I hope the Mavericks are paying attention. Here are three things to … Read more

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How should the Sixers approach the 2022 NBA draft? Q&A with Jake Rosen

In previous years, I was diving in search of NBA Draft. But my positions and responsibilities evolved, causing me to shift the focus elsewhere. to help myself and Philadelphia 76ers Fans get ready for Thursday, I’ve enlisted assistant Jake Rosen from Cerebro Sports. Jake is among the best minds available to us. Call him Follow … Read more

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