BYU Football spot preview: turn their backs and defenders on

BYU Enters a transitional period in return. Their record-setting has expired for the past two years at Tyler Allgeier. He’s now vying for shots with Atlanta Falcons from the NFL after it was a fifth-round pick. After Allgeier’s loss, BYU got an injection of talent by capturing a Cal Christopher Brooks transfer. There are a … Read more

You’re Crazy: What If the Big Ten were hit?

Everyone knows that one of the best things about being a sports fan is to discuss and dissect more (and less) the important questions in the sports world with your friends. So, we’re putting that into the LGHL pages with our favorite column: You’re Crazy. In You Nuts, two LGHL employees will take different sides … Read more

Here’s How Much Wisconsin Football Will Pay Inside Coach Mark Donofrio | college football

Mark Donofrio will be making $300,000 this season as a quarterback coach at the University of Wisconsin. D’Onofrio’s employment contract was handed over to the State Journal via an open records request, which indicates that D’Onofrio will offer the same amount that Bill Sheridan agreed to when he joined the staff this winter. D’Onofrio replaced … Read more