The new Opaque Systems platform delivers advances in artificial intelligence and covert analytics

Start Secure Data Analytics Opaque Systems Corporation Today it launched a new platform that includes what it says are the latest developments in artificial intelligence and confidential analytics. The opaque platform was created to unlock use cases in confidential computing to enable data scientists to secure and perform collaborative analyzes directly on this encrypted data. … Read more

Kate Winslet on I Am Ruth and How the Film Explores Teen Phone Addiction: “Social Media Has Always Concerned Me” | Ents & Arts News

In Kate Winslet’s new movie, she plays the mother of a teenage girl – played by her daughter Mia Threapleton – who has problems with what appears to be an addiction to her mobile phone. I am part of ruth Channel 4The I Am Series – a female-led dramatic anthology of independent programming, was developed … Read more

Lazurite Earned 2022 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards and Rankings for ArthroFree™ System

This press release features multimedia. View the full version here: The ArthroFree™ System from Lazurite is the first wireless surgical camera system to receive FDA market approval for arthroscopy and general endoscopy. (Photo: Business Wire) The company is behind the line in launching the ArthroFree Wireless Surgical Camera System, which allows minimally invasive surgery … Read more

Technology Narrows Inspiration: Why Designers Need More Than the Internet

For some nostalgia, we need not go back far. Emperor Adam Holloway compares the learning environment for designers in the 1990s to the one dominated by the Internet today, arguing that the latter misses out on the joy of discovery. It’s August 1997. Having recently graduated, it’s the first day of my first proper training. … Read more

The latest artificial intelligence (AI) research from Korea’s open source Dr.3D, GAN 3D field modulation method for graphics

It is essential for a wide range of applications in computer graphics and vision that generative adversarial networks (GANs) learn to create realistic images. Notably, GANs enable the exploration and editing of linguistically meaningful images for both real and synthetic images. It is not unexpected that the human face is one of the most frequently … Read more

Hands-on with Apple Music Sing in iOS 16.2

With the iOS 16.2 release candidate released today, Apple has added the new version Apple Music The singing feature that was announced earlier this week. We thought we’d check out the new karaoke feature to see how it works. Apple Music‌ Sing is available on recent iPhones and iPads, as well as the latest Camel … Read more

The state has approved assistance for six expansion projects in Northeast Ohio that have created nearly 450 jobs

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority (TCA) at its last meeting for 2022 approved state aid for half a dozen projects that will have a significant impact in Northeast Ohio in 2023. TCA on Wednesday, December 7, approved state job creation-linked tax credits for a total of 14 statewide projects that are expected to create a … Read more