The latest artificial intelligence (AI) research from Korea’s open source Dr.3D, GAN 3D field modulation method for graphics

It is essential for a wide range of applications in computer graphics and vision that generative adversarial networks (GANs) learn to create realistic images. Notably, GANs enable the exploration and editing of linguistically meaningful images for both real and synthetic images. It is not unexpected that the human face is one of the most frequently … Read more

Hunt Club Injects AI and Network of Experts into Hiring Process • TechCrunch

Hunt ClubToday, a high-profile AI-powered talent recruitment platform announced that it has raised $40 million in a Series B round co-led by WestCap and Sator Grove. In an interview with TechCrunch, CEO Nick Cromydas said that the new capital will be positioned toward further development of the platform as Hunt Club’s national footprint increases. Before … Read more

IBM and David Clarke lead in food waste reduction; Named the winner of the AI-powered gardening app at the 5th Annual Code Call

The Linux Foundation is calling for contributions to two open source projects Call for Code for Sustainability Clinton University Global Initiative Announces Winner of Energy Trading Platform Call for Code University Edition Armonk, New YorkAnd the December 6, 2022 /cnw/ – today, Call to get a code Find a partner ibm (New York Stock Exchange: … Read more

Daily Dozen | Forbes: Inside Twitter Musk; Salesforce shock exits. AI runaway

Forbes has launched its 2022 list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. Interpretation by GRACELYNN WAN FORBES; Photos by MICHELE TANTUSSI/AP; Fraser Harrison/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images; Andrew Medicini/AFP; Courtesy of GGV Capital A senior Salesforce exec, Slack co-founder Stuart Butterfield, has exited Pay The software company’s stock hit its lowest level since … Read more

A new blood test can detect the ‘toxic’ protein years before Alzheimer’s symptoms appear

Summary: A new blood test could detect toxic beta-amyloid oligomers linked to Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms appear. source: Washington University Today, in general, patients receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease only after they develop known signs of the disease, such as memory loss. At this point, the best treatment options are simply to slow … Read more

Is the future of education in artificial intelligence?

AI teaching assistant platforms now allow teachers to engage students with personalized teaching, grading, and feedback. Image: Canva “Effective teaching may be the hardest job of all,” said American psychiatrist William Glaser. In fact, teachers bear the brunt of shaping every child’s formative years, a very serious role in society that turns out to be … Read more

An independent, expert-consensus-compliant AI-based system for treating AMD

The new findings indicate the potential of a new AI-based system for independent follow-up of treated patients age-related macular degeneration (NAMD). Research has shown both its safety and compliance with expert consensus to be on par with those made in clinical practice, with particularly low rates of false-positive classification of choroidal neovascular activity (CNV). “More … Read more