New drugs with high abuse rates are more likely to be approved and go to market to treat pain

Summary: The study revealed that 27.8% of pain medications with a high potential for abuse made it throughout the development process, compared to only 4.7% of drugs with a lower abuse potential. source: American Society of Anesthesiologists The authors of a study published in Anesthesia. “The opioid crisis has highlighted the need for new therapies … Read more

Wearable activity trackers and artificial intelligence can be used to catch COVID-19 before symptoms appear

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Wearable activity trackers that monitor changes in skin temperature, heart and breathing rates, as well as artificial intelligence, could be used to catch COVID-19 infections days before symptoms start, according to preliminary research published in the journal Open Access. BMJ is open. The researchers base their findings on the wearer of … Read more

How to pitch your startup to an AI journalist

You’ve brought your team together, built a product you believe in, and spent countless hours massaging your message into accelerators, meetups, and venture capital letters. Now you need to tell the world about your hard work. It’s time to start promoting AI journalists. I do not envy you. Day in the life I just saw … Read more

AI will help Autodesk expand into the metaverse

We’re excited to bring Transform 2022 back in person on July 19 and around July 20-28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful conversations and exciting networking opportunities. Register today! For the 40-year-old Autodesk known for the design and creation software (including AutoCAD) used by professionals in industries including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and entertainment, … Read more

BEYOND PICTURES: Air Force official searches for ‘complete’ Intel AI picture

Transforming data from abstract machine-specific output into useful and shareable information across machines is one of the goals of the new DoD data strategy. (Joshua Seibert/Air Force) Washington: Air Force Exploration new ways AI can be used to aid data collection and engagement efforts specially for Sensor operations, including fetching a variety of data beyond … Read more

IBM unveils new fan experiences powered by cloud and artificial intelligence at Wimbledon 2022

As the official tournament technology partner for the past 33 years, IBM continues to accelerate innovation at Wimbledon and improve the digital fan experience. LondonAnd the June 21 2022 /PRNewswire/ – IBM (NYSE: IBMToday, the All England Lawn Tennis Club revealed new ways for Wimbledon fans around the world to experience tournaments digitally, powered by … Read more

How AI-powered pricing improves margins and protects consumers

We’re excited to bring Transform 2022 back in person on July 19 and around July 20-28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful conversations and exciting networking opportunities. Register today! Ethics is an intrinsic and misunderstood part of customer intimacy and AI-powered pricing. When fibrous Announcing on a first-quarter earnings call that it raised average … Read more

Amazon Prime’s darkest sci-fi movie reveals controversial debate about robots

the internet Debates are rife about whether AI can truly become conscious after Google’s chatbot proclaimed it to be. But while the internet may dread the feeling of artificial intelligence at the moment, Hollywood has been obsessed with the topic for decades, specifically exploring the idea through clashes between robots and humans in films like … Read more

Venture capital targets AI accounting startups as companies look to control spending in an uncertain economy

AI startup investors are shifting their focus to accounting software, a traditionally repressed corner of business technology, as companies prepare for a potential economic slowdown. Many investors are betting that inflation, rising interest rates and recession fears will prompt companies to redouble efforts to track and monitor spending, boosting demand for automated accounting tools. At … Read more