The new Opaque Systems platform delivers advances in artificial intelligence and covert analytics

Start Secure Data Analytics Opaque Systems Corporation Today it launched a new platform that includes what it says are the latest developments in artificial intelligence and confidential analytics. The opaque platform was created to unlock use cases in confidential computing to enable data scientists to secure and perform collaborative analyzes directly on this encrypted data. … Read more

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud updates enhance hybrid clouds

HPE hybrid cloud users now have new developer applications and services for GreenLake, along with expanded container deployment options for HPE Greenlake for Private Cloud Enterprise including support for Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code. The company also introduced six instances for general use workloads including compute, memory, and storage that can be used on HPE. … Read more

A new study reveals the growth of commercial activity and investment in quantum computing

Burnaby, British Columbia, and Palo Alto, California – (working wire) –D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS), a leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, and the only provider to build both annealing and gate-model quantum computers, has commissioned Hyperion ResearchHigh Performance Computing Analysts Group, to conduct a study to better understand the challenges and opportunities … Read more

The shelving space shortage is leaving a trail of anger and anger on social media

Dennis RodnerAnd the San Antonio Express News December 5, 2022 Cloud computing company Rackspace has begun trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange following its initial public offering, Wednesday, August 5, 2020, in New York’s Times Square. (AP Photo/Mark Lenihan) Mark Lenihan, STF/Associated Press A “security incident” that occurred on Friday prevented the deaths of thousands … Read more

Disaster recovery in the banking sector

It is therefore essential to have a backup plan – to stay prepared so that one does not have to prepare. In the banking sector, a disaster management plan is generally not considered a luxury – it should be mandatory. Technology has made it easier to manipulate the volumes of data that a bank regularly … Read more

Build with the right foundations when moving to the cloud

Governments around the world are accelerating their shift to cloud computing, taking advantage of benefits including lower cost of capital, increased flexibility, and the ability to scale to meet growing demand as needed. It’s the same story in New Zealand, where cloud computing systems today underpin almost all core government services, covering everything from national … Read more

Computational Biology Market Witnessing Accelerated Growth | Nimbus Discovery LLC, Rhenovia Pharma SAS, Chemical Computing Group Inc.

New Jersey, United StateAnd the December 04, 2022 /DigitalJournal/ Computational biology market research report provides all the information related to the industry. It gives a future view of the markets by giving original data to its clients, which helps in making basic decisions. It gives an overview of the market which includes its definition, applications, … Read more

Intel is paving the way for reaching 1 trillion transistors in next-generation chips by 2030

At IEDM, it owns Intel Research shown How does Moore’s Law survive and how Chipzilla plans to deliver next-generation chips with a trillion transistors by 2030. Intel research feeds into Moore’s Law and paves the way for a trillion transistors by 2030 press release: At IEDM 2022, the 75th anniversary of the transistor, Intel is … Read more