MCRA and Clients Achieve a Milestone

MCRA has helped its clients obtain more than 60 distinct device designations in the past two years, which is approximately 20% of all such designations granted by the FDA during this time period. WashingtonAnd the June 22 2022 /PRNewswire/ – MCRA, LLC, a leading regulatory advisory firm focused on medical devices and a Clinical Research … Read more

Sibress launched FADS3D flexo plate measuring device

Flexo Sibress measurement and analysis systems manufacturer has launched the new FADS3D mobile measuring device for 2D and 3D analysis of flexographic plates. The new product can also be used in semi-automatic mode to measure metal-backed photopolymer printing plates (letter plates). The newly developed FADS3D is patent-pending and part of Sibress’ systemic engine to improve … Read more

Dillon Council supports the Child Care Assistance Program

Dillon City Council heard a presentation from members of the local childcare industry about a potential fund to support infant and young child education programs.Luke Vidic / Summit Daily News Leaders in the county early childhood care industry have given Dillon City Council hopes to start a county-wide early childhood education fund. The council unanimously … Read more

DVIDS – News – Hawaii

The Designated Logistics Assistance Representative with the 402nd Aviation Advanced Support Battalion in Hawaii has been selected by his peers as the 2021 U.S. Army Aviation and LAR Missile Command.LAR Electronics Apache’s Roberto (Marcelo) Castro, who joined the LAR program a little over two years ago, was selected out of 229 LARs as the best. … Read more

Experts share their tips for working from your smartphone

The past two years haven’t been great, to put it mildly. But in the midst of the not-so-fun times we had to swallow, there was a flash of silver linings. When we look back at the early 2000s, we will see a time full of great disasters, but also of great innovations. Some would argue … Read more

Scientists have devised a way to prevent deadly infections without antibiotics

The newly developed method involves applying a small coating of zwitterionic material to a device and attaching it to the substrate using UV light. The resulting barrier prevents bacteria and other harmful organic matter from sticking to and causing infection. UCLA researchers have created a new surface treatment that prevents bacteria from sticking to medical … Read more

New Hampshire lawmakers are calling on the state to use US bailout money for home energy bills

In a letter sent Friday to Governor Chris Sunono, Republican of New Hampshire, New Hampshire’s congressional delegation asked the state to provide additional financial assistance to help defray energy costs for Granite Staters as utility prices are expected to rise significantly in the coming months. >> RELATED: New Hampshire residents warn of “significant increases” in … Read more