Technology Narrows Inspiration: Why Designers Need More Than the Internet

For some nostalgia, we need not go back far. Emperor Adam Holloway compares the learning environment for designers in the 1990s to the one dominated by the Internet today, arguing that the latter misses out on the joy of discovery. It’s August 1997. Having recently graduated, it’s the first day of my first proper training. … Read more

How We All Go to the World’s Fair Emerged from the Internet’s Subconscious – The Hollywood Reporter

The first fictional narrative by Jane Schoenbrunn, We all go to the World’s Fairis a captivating horror film that evades the traditional three-act structure in favor of gritty, groundbreaking cinematic language and a deep fascination with its central character, Casey, who lives most of her teenage life in her room, posting vlogs as part of … Read more

Bank of America sees AI transforming the internet over the next five years – top stocks are going mainstream

Artificial intelligence will be a catalyst for big tech stocks in the next five years, according to Bank of America. The sector took a beating in 2022 thanks to macro factors, including inflation and rising interest rates. The heavy Nasdaq Composite is down 25% this year, compared to the S&P 500’s drop of nearly 12%. … Read more

Study: Dangerous behavior on the Internet “has become almost normal” among Internet youth

Risky behavior and criminality on the Internet is in danger of being normalized among a generation of young people Europeaccording to EU-funded research that found that one in four people aged 16-19 have robbed someone online and one in three have engaged in digital hacking. An EU-funded study found evidence of a prevalence of criminal, … Read more

Three crypto giants are dying weeks apart from each other

The internet hints at the theories because Crypto’s downfall has now effectively involved those who helped create it. Texas, USA – With the demise of crypto empires like FTX, cryptocurrencies have been in the news, bringing more digital currency news to the fore. Recently, the internet couldn’t stop talking about the deaths of three cryptocurrency … Read more