Kate Winslet on I Am Ruth and How the Film Explores Teen Phone Addiction: “Social Media Has Always Concerned Me” | Ents & Arts News

In Kate Winslet’s new movie, she plays the mother of a teenage girl – played by her daughter Mia Threapleton – who has problems with what appears to be an addiction to her mobile phone. I am part of ruth Channel 4The I Am Series – a female-led dramatic anthology of independent programming, was developed … Read more

Hands-on with Apple Music Sing in iOS 16.2

With the iOS 16.2 release candidate released today, Apple has added the new version Apple Music The singing feature that was announced earlier this week. We thought we’d check out the new karaoke feature to see how it works. Apple Music‌ Sing is available on recent iPhones and iPads, as well as the latest Camel … Read more

WhatsApp offers support for Meta Avatars

Avatars are officially coming to WhatsApp. The customizable emoji, already available on Facebook and Instagram, can now be used as profile pictures on the messaging service or sent as one of 36 custom stickers. The process for customizing cartoon virtual characters is similar to Apple’s Memoji, except WhatsApp avatars also include structures for customizing additional … Read more

Why curating stories is changing mobile users’ engagement with brands

Audiences are increasingly looking for full-screen, interactive and personalized experiences on mobile. So how can brands amplify engagement through a new type of mobile marketing channel, stories? The way we consume technology is changing rapidly, and marketers are struggling to keep up. Mobile phones are now one of the most popular ways to shop online … Read more

The UK project aims to save lost votes

Issued in: 04/12/2022 – 04:50 London (AFP) – Defunct red telephone boxes no longer attract much interest in London except for tourists. But Stuart Fox is overjoyed when he stumbles upon someone who is still working. Her ring is one of the world’s disappearing sounds that his pioneering project, Aging Sounds, has dedicated to preserving. … Read more