No. 10 Smithfield Ford Racing: New Hampshire race progresses

● Almerola is the latest winner of the NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. After a two-hour rain delay, Almerola and field battled daylight during the race last July. With darkness approaching the 1,058 mile oval, Almerola sprang to life late and took a surprise win, his first with Stewart Haas Racing. … Read more

NASA’s Space Telescope’s First Cosmic View Is Deep

(AP) — Our view of the universe has just expanded: The first image from NASA’s new space telescope revealed Monday is brimming with galaxies and offers the deepest view of the universe ever captured. The first image from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is the farthest that humanity has seen in both time … Read more

The final fate of a star torn apart by a black hole

If a star (red trail) wanders too close to a black hole (left), it can be torn or torn apart by intense gravity. Some of the star’s material orbits around the black hole, like water in a sewer, emitting copious (blue) X-rays. Recent studies of so-called tidal perturbation events indicate that a large part of … Read more