Mark Zuckerberg envisions a billion people in the Metaverse region

ID pads CEO Mark Zuckerberg told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday that the metaverse could be a huge part of the social network operator’s business in the second half of the decade. “We hope to basically reach out to about a billion people in the metaverse doing hundreds of dollars of commerce, each of them … Read more

More than 60% of companies scratch the surface of AI

Photo: Headway via Unsplash. In Spain, the Madrid metro is used AI To monitor its network and reduce energy consumption by 25%. In the United States, the beverage company uses artificial intelligence to increase sales by analyzing retailers and markets. In Europe, an energy company trains its engineers and managers in a dual-digital factory powered … Read more

Researchers investigate intricacies in superconductors in hopes of supporting the development of a quantum computer

Credit: Canadian Light Source Ryan Day studies superconductors. Materials that conduct electricity perfectly, do not lose any energy for heating and resistance. Specifically, the UC Berkeley scientist is studying how superconductors and their opposites can coexist. Insulating materials stop the flow of electrons. The Materials that combines these two opposing states, is called Topological superconductorsare … Read more

Inside the splendor of snowboarding in New York

For some people, a rink is just a place to go around in a circle, not even very quickly, and not go anywhere. But for her fans and for the creators disc oasisA new skateboarding experience in Central Park, it’s a transformative and spiritual journey – time travel on four wheels. On Saturday night, more … Read more

‘Amber Heard’ continues to struggle with ‘Post-MeToo’ victim blaming

picture: Evelyn Hochstein (Getty Images) “She’s not a perfect victim,” says Mariska Hargitay. Law & Order: SVU. Recently Addresses Say The same about Amber Heard. he heard Said a lot about herself. “But, she’s not making this up,” Hargitay says. I let Law and order Play on TV while I do other frivolous things, like … Read more

Tiger & Phil, directed by Bob Harrig

Mitch Mustaine, Whitney Lewis and Lance Pavlas. What do the names mean to you? Probably nothing, although if you’re a college football fan, they’ll probably ring the bell. All three were college football recruits around the world. They were the “can’t miss” type who missed it. at recent days Ovarian Report He made a story … Read more

Tasmanian painter Tom O’Hearn talks about how he became ‘good at drawing really bad’

Artist Tom O’Hearn says he’s likely to make more money heading out into the wilds of Tasmania with some oils than his art path is. Instead of mastering landscapes, he said he became poorly good at drawing. “I love being out in the wild somewhere with a huge canvas smudged with oil paints,” O’Hearn said. … Read more

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, says the autobiography “shocks the generations in such a good way”

the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Elvis Presley’s only daughterLisa Marie Presley has some thoughts on an upcoming biography focusing on the late singer. The 54-year-old sat alongside her daughter, Riley Keough, for a special “Elvis Exclusively Elvis: A Special Edition of 20/20” that aired Tuesday night. The duo reflected on mother … Read more

Mock Draft Tracker: An Expert’s Pick Analysis for Nuggets

The NBA Draft Almost here because we’re only a day away from one of the most anticipated days of the holiday season. This draft is particularly exciting from the Nuggets’ perspective as they are now making first-round picks after their trade with Oklahoma City Thunder last week. Denver can do a lot of things on … Read more

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Ohio State Bucks won a trademark right for the word “the”

If you’ve ever watched Monday Night Football, you’ve likely heard former Ohio State soccer players proudly proclaim their school as “Ohio State University,” emphasizing the word “the” pronounced with an “e” like “thee.” This simple article has become a part of Ohio culture and the university has successfully registered a trademark for “THE.” The brand, … Read more