Fukuju Mizuki Florist: A Different Approach to Social Assistance

Florist Fukuju Mizuki has set up Lorans Flower Shop and CafĂ© in the trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo, to provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. In 2021, the store also started a project to help disadvantaged children. Lecturer Inoyama Kamiko sits down with Fukugo to discuss her approach to addressing social issues. … Read more

Trump and Russia saga started with a simple ‘internet phone book’ search

Washington, DC – They let their electronic fingers walk. Opposition research that found a since-disclosed back channel between Donald Trump and Russia began with a simple search of Trump’s name in an “internet phone book.” Misleading origin of alleged electronic communication between Russia and Trump exposed in document I entered the evidence at trial Former … Read more

Elon University / Today in Elon / Interactive Media its students showcase their innovative skills at the Capstone Fair

During the Capstone Show on May 17 hosted by the MA in Interactive Media, graduate student Alyssa Sandy outlines her project titled Mother Nature. It is a mobile social networking application designed to provide a community for pregnant women in the United States, with a focus on minority women. During their 10-month exploration of new … Read more

PyTorch machine learning framework enables GPU-accelerated training on Apple Silicon Mac

In collaboration with Apple’s metal engineering team, PyTorch today announce That its open source machine learning framework will soon support GPU-accelerated modular training on Apple silicon Macs powered by the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, or M1 Ultra chipset. So far, PyTorch training on Mac has only made use of the CPU, but the upcoming … Read more

7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Unsure of what the cloud is or how it can benefit your business? Don’t worry: we have covered everything you need to know about cloud computing. When I was working at Apple, my clients constantly asked me to explain what the cloud is. They’ve seen “iCloud” on their device and don’t really understand what it’s … Read more

Dan Fogelman Breaks The Train, The Final Conversation Series – Deadline

brake alert: The story includes details about the May 17 episode of this is us“the train.” It was shown Monday night at the Landmark Theater as part of Deadline Awards Show Seriesfollowed by a Q&A produced by the series’ creator and CEO Dan Fogelman. You can watch a two-part video, in which he explains “Train” … Read more

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Opinion: Silent Trump officials have made book sales a top priority

Correction: An earlier version of this article misrepresented Esper’s knowledge of Trump’s motives for withholding Ukrainian aid in 2019. The article has been updated to more accurately reflect the language in Esper’s book, “Holy Oath.” Editor’s note: Michael D Antonio is the author of “It’s Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Quest for Success“Co-authored a … Read more