Russia declares gas war on the European Union – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a tricky role with the European Union — cutting off gas shipments to some of Russia’s best customers amid anger over sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine. It puts enormous political pressure on governments, threatens to leave Europeans in a freeze … Read more

6 energy stocks to consider in a hot market

A couple of years ago, oil companies were a global pariah, excluded not only from the high-viscos of Davos, but also from low-index funds. power weight in Standard & Poor’s 500 It fell below 2%, a staggering drop for a sector that previously represented more than 20% of the index’s market capitalization. ExxonMobil For a … Read more

Renewables are still ‘cheap’ despite supply chain chaos

With the energy transition in full swing, new energy research provider BloombergNEF appreciates that Global transformation will require about $173 trillion In energy supply and infrastructure investment over the next three decades, renewable energy is expected to provide 85% of our energy needs by 2050. BNEF predicts that by 2030, lithium and nickel consumption by … Read more

Gas is a dangerous distraction for Africa | climate crisis

At the beginning of this century, when much of the developed world woke up to the dangers of smoking, big tobacco turned to Africa To search for new profits. To this day, in my country, Uganda, and many other companies, foreign tobacco companies work to undermine Regulations Designed To Protect People From Industry – Even … Read more