Economists say stimulus checks can be used in the next recession

drazen_ | E + | Getty Images Stimulus checks sent out during the coronavirus pandemic have been very popular. Approximately 4 in 5 Voters were in favor of direct payments to American families. Democrats and Republicans alike rallied behind the policy, an increasingly rare sight in Washington. However, the checks were not without controversy. Among … Read more

What is stagflation and how do you prepare for it?

Runaway inflation has raised fears that the economy is headed toward a return to stagflation, but a group of Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC believe there are still opportunities for investors to navigate safely against this challenging backdrop. UCG | Getty Images What is stagflation? Stagflation is a term coined in … Read more

Singapore imports 90% of its food – how does it deal with inflation?

A rooftop farm in Singapore on May 27, 2020. The small island nation lacks natural resources and imports more than 90% of its food from more than 170 countries and regions. Lauren Isaac | Bloomberg | Getty Images Singapore is known for its wide variety of street foods and local cuisine, but many may not … Read more

Former US ambassador says raising tariffs on China can lower inflation

Former US ambassador David Adelman said removing tariffs on imported Chinese goods would strip 1% of US inflation over time and restore confidence in the economy, which could help President Joe Biden at the ballot box. “Inflation will be the number one issue in the November US midterm elections,” Adelman told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on … Read more

Ed Yardini on the bear market, the Fed and inflation

The markets have been on a wild ride lately, oscillating between gains and losses. However, the brutal sale means The S&P 500 is still in a bear market. When asked if the markets have bottomed out, Wall Street veteran Ed Yardeni said he didn’t think “we’re going to get out of this thing very quickly, … Read more

Analysis: America is on edge, and that’s bad news for the White House

CNN – If the Americans are “really really ,” as such President Joe Biden suggests, not surprisingly. Many key aspects of economic, social and national life that were previously seen as running smoothly are now becoming unshared. The covid-19 pandemicAlthough she loosened her deadly grip, she left a complex legacy of challenges that continue to … Read more

Biden admits inflation is ‘weakening the power of a lot of families’ as economists prepare for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates

CNN – President Joe Biden spoke to a friendly crowd of union supporters Tuesday, hoping to put something positive on his economic record amid inflation he hasn’t seen in decades and blames Republicans for derailing his domestic agenda. Speaking to the AFL-CIO Conference in Philadelphia, Biden sought To reassure the American people which deal with … Read more

“Prices will not go down”: Americans dip into their savings to face record high inflation

Americans have accumulated additional savings during the pandemic, but that money is dwindling rapidly due to inflation. About 70% of Americans use their savings to cover price hikes, a Forbes Advisor’s latest survey Infer 2000 American adults. Among those surveyed, older adults were more likely to say they left their savings intact. In fact, the … Read more

Confused about the economy? Here’s what you need to know

New York CNN Business – Cardi B asks the million dollar question (or the 20 trillion dollar question, more accurately). “When do you think they will announce that we are entering a recession?” rap singer chirp this week. We wish we knew the answer, Cardi. After all, recession forecasts have become a national pastime of … Read more

Epidemiological stimulus assays were a major experiment. Did you succeed?

People gather during a demonstration in support of Covid-19 relief, organized by Shutdown DC, at the National Mall in Washington, DC, on February 25, 2021. Drago | Getty Images When the US began closing its doors in the wake of the onset of Covid-19, it meant millions of families were suddenly without the income they … Read more