Health care insurance costs may rise unless the US Congress takes action

Some federal assistance in insurance premiums for low- and middle-income consumers may be at risk next year. Washington One million low-income Californians are at risk of seeing health insurance premiums double next year — and 220,000 people could become completely uninsured — as measures to cut their costs are still stuck in Congress. Helping California … Read more

The 15 housing markets in America that are now actually more affordable than they were in 2005

“Bad affordability appears to be having an effect on demand, which could lead to price stabilization or even a modest correction in some markets,” one pro told MarketWatch Picks. Getty Images / istockphoto Rising home prices and mortgage rates make home ownership unaffordable in most parts of the United States. In fact, home prices have … Read more

US drivers spending on gas to rise to $562 billion in 2022 | personal financing

Elizabeth Renter If there was a child poster of current inflation, it would be the price of gasoline. While prices for all goods and services across the country are up 9.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gas prices are up 60% over the past year. This increase puts American drivers on a path … Read more