All over the world, environmentalists are leaving nothing but misery in their wake

The climate-obsessed green movement is undoubtedly the most stupid force of self-destruction in the world today, leaving a trail of irrationality, foolishness, and misery wherever it goes. Looking at her last record sri lanka destructionleaving Western Europe unnecessarily vulnerable Energy blackmail Russian President Vladimir Putin and fueling higher Energy prices in the United States That … Read more

Biden Avoids Freight Rail Strike — For Now

New York CNN Business – worry for Suppliers Problems already causing problems for the country’s economy, President Joe Biden took action on Friday to prevent 115,000 US rail workers from striking as planned early Monday morning, The strike could have halted nearly 30% of the country’s shipping. Because these workers are covered by a different … Read more

Inexperienced Biden followers are unlikely to pull the United States out of the agony of inflation

You’ve heard the saying, “Wake up, go bankrupt.” Well, that is exactly what is happening to America where President Biden has prioritized concerns like climate change and gender and racial “equality” over sound economic management. with Inflation hits a spine-chilling record of 9.1%There is a great chance that his know-how will have the competence and … Read more