Doubts over Gareth Bale deal highlight complex MLS rules problems

It’s not very infrequent for MLS executives to talk about their competition – they usually keep their flamboyant comments off the records. Ernest Tanner, Philadelphia Union’s athletic director, broke free from that conference last week, when he announced a very exciting tip about LAFC’s latest signing of star winger Gareth Bale. LAFC signed the soon-to-be … Read more

Britney Spears got out of gas on a busy Los Angeles highway and called the police for help

Britney Spears came out of the gas in the middle of a busy Los Angeles highway and called the police for help The 40-year-old star was in her white Mercedes-Benz as she closed off the southbound third lane on 101 North Balboa Avenue according to law enforcement. Police received a call around 10 p.m. and … Read more

Exclusive to The Associated Press: Venezuela imprisons 3 Americans amid American contact

Cleveland (AFP) – Three Americans were quietly imprisoned in Venezuela earlier this year for allegedly trying to enter the country illegally and now face lengthy prison sentences in the politically volatile country. Two of the men – a California lawyer and a computer programmer from Texas – were arrested in late March, just days after … Read more