Egyptians are calling for the British Museum to return the Rosetta Stone

Cairo (AFP) – Debates over who owns ancient artifacts have posed a growing challenge for museums across Europe and America, and the British Museum’s most-visited piece: the Rosetta Stone. The inscriptions on the dark gray granite slab became a key breakthrough in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs after it was taken from Egypt by British Empire … Read more

A Whitstable man who used to be nicknamed ‘Bahl’ wins a bodybuilding competition

A man once described as a “lean trumpet” due to his skinny looks has turned into a bodybuilding champion. Tom Thurman, of eatstableHe aspired to become a professional soccer player, but his dreams were shattered after he was told he was not strong enough. Tom Thurman, of Whitstable, before and after he swells. Photo: Thomas … Read more

New York Liberty: Black Friday Wish List

In its quest to find items on its Black Friday wish list, the New York Liberty won’t have to deal with crowds and camping out in the immediate aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they’ll face more dangerous threats that almost every reveler can empathize with: their 11 WNBA sisters. Despite its relatively dismal end, Liberty’s … Read more

NASCAR mulls ending cautions stage on road courses: reports

NASCAR He’s made bold decisions in recent years, expanding his schedule to include a variety of different tracks. This year, they’ve added Clash at the Coliseum and World Wide Technology Raceway. In the 2023 season, the Cup Series will reach Chicago streets. Many fans are excited to see the drivers put their skills to the … Read more

Dumoulin Competition ‘Race Against Cancer’ 2022 Campaign Beats Expectations: $116,041 Over Seven Seasons

When Dumoulin launched Season 7 of its Race Against Cancer fundraiser, the team could not have expected that all records would be broken in 2022. Our goal was to reach a total donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation of $100,000. The call to action was answered by the people, businesses, and organizations who believed in … Read more

Qatar prepares for stock market boom in FIFA World Cup | Qatar World Cup 2022 news

Doha, Qatar Qatar is preparing for a stock market boom at the FIFA World Cup as the country’s stock market prepares to capitalize on the upcoming mega event. With more than $4 billion in foreign inflows in the first 10 months of this year alone, stock market experts say the Qatari stock market, like most … Read more

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Hans Steiner dies at the age of 76 | news center

Of his writing, Steiner wrote: “I find that my writing and my psychological practice are beautifully intertwined.” website. “As I help patients develop and reshape their life narratives, I use similar skills when I write about fictional and non-fictional characters. My practice and my creative writing stand in an enduring, refreshing dialectic that energizes both.” … Read more

Harvey Weinstein asked actress Natasia Malthe to join the trio: court hearings

Bizarre sex predator Harvey Weinstein demanded one of his alleged victims join him for a threesome — two months after she claimed he raped her, a Los Angeles jury heard Wednesday. Norwegian actress Natasia Malthe said she walked in on the disgraced producer Another Woman at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills in April 2008. … Read more

A Dearborn parent is reading comics in a revolt against porn books

Parents in Detroit Dearborn suburb They expanded on their complaints about sexually explicit content in school libraries in the county at a board meeting Monday as the local mother read passages about masturbation from Mike Corato’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age graphic novel titled “Flamer. ” The mother told the board, “We know our rights as parents, and … Read more

John Rahm: Rory McIlroy’s take on Liv and ‘unbelievable’ performance | Concerns about Sergio Garcia’s legacy | Golf News

John Rahm has hailed Rory McIlroy’s efforts as “incredible” on and off the golf course this year World No. 5 John Rahm has praised Rory McIlroy’s stance against Leaf Golf along with his golf performances this year, and admits he worries about fellow Spaniard Sergio Garcia’s legacy. McIlroy is targeting more success in Dubai this … Read more