Bills safety Jordan Boyer makes the 12-year-old fan’s day, creating a memory for himself

The East Aurora Middle School faculty took the call at approximately 12:30 PM on Tuesday. Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Boyer, touched and impressed by a letter he received from 12-year-old sixth grader Logan Neary, wanted to stop by and surprise him…in an hour. And just in time there was Boyer, who was also informed of … Read more

Stanford coach David Shaw resigned after the Cardinals finished 3-9

STANFORD, Calif. (AP) — Stanford head coach David Shaw resigned Saturday night after finishing his 12th alma mater season with a 36-25 loss to BYU dropping the Cardinals to 3-9. Shaw, 50, has led Stanford to five double-digit winning seasons, with three Pac-12 titles and two Rose Bowl appearances in his first six years as … Read more

Mike Gundy’s recruiting vision comes close to college football

STILLWATER – College football has become the NFL Jr. This isn’t news to anyone who’s been following the ocean of money flooding into the game, or rule changes as players are treated a little more like the pros. Name, image, likeness, and transfer portal revenue serves as a cheap imitation of contracts and free agency. … Read more

The new future of giants Isaiah Hodgins could see events against Texas

Newly signed by the Giants, Isaiah Hodgins’ wide receiver could be part of the offensive package sooner rather than later. Hodgins knows the rules of the game, as he was with the Bills last year when Giants coach Brian Dabol was the Buffalo’s offensive coordinator. A big goal at 6-foot-4, Hodgins has appeared in three … Read more

Deion Sanders is hosting a press conference no one’s ever seen before

The agenda was not an agenda. the movement? Simply to connect on a more personal level, most likely with fans, curiosity seekers and a few coaches from different levels of football. Deion Sanders didn’t set a time limit, didn’t pre-screen questions and literally didn’t know who was waiving video access for questions Thursday during a … Read more

John McVeigh, former 49ers coach and Giants coach, has died at the age of 91

John McVeigh, the former 49ers general manager and coach of the Giants, died Monday at the age of 91. McVeigh spent 22 years with the 49ers organization after coaching the Giants from 1976 to 1978. He also greatly influenced his grandson Sean McVeigh, the Super Bowl-winning Rams coach. John McVeigh was with the 49ers organization … Read more

Pat McAfee tears up the NFL after the league banned him from using his graphics on his show

1. The NFL’s bully tactics never cease to amaze her. No league has more rules about how its content is used than the NFL. The No Fun League makes no exceptions for anyone, not even a former player who promotes the league to a massive audience every day. According to Pat McAfee, the league is … Read more

Colts QB seat Matt Ryan, Sam Ellinger will start the rest of the way

7:09 PM GMT Stephen HolderESPN INDIANAPOLIS – With the Colts’ offensive problems reaching alarming proportions, the team has decided to make a drastic shift in its most important position. Indianapolis promotes Sam Ellinger To start a quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Washington captains, with the veteran Matt Ryan Coach Frank Reich said maintaining a … Read more

A concussion lawsuit against the NCAA could be the first to hit the jury

Los Angeles (AFP) – A lawsuit alleging that the NCAA failed to protect a former University of Southern California football player from repeated concussion approaches in Los Angeles court, as the jury sat Thursday in what could become a landmark case. The lawsuit, filed by Matthew J’s widow, says the former USC quarterback died in … Read more