How to buy dip: 3 tips for smart investors | personal financing

(Katie Brockman) The stock market has experienced a downturn recently, with Standard & Poor’s 500 Officially entering a bear market after falling more than 20% from its peak. While recessions and bear markets can be intimidating even for the best investors, they are also one of the best buying opportunities. Stock prices are now much … Read more

Falwell spurs bipartisan medical debt reform bill in NC | government and politics

A bipartisan healthcare consumer protection bill has been introduced to the state assembly at the will of State Treasurer Dale Fulwell. House Bill 1039, presented Tuesday, entitled “Medical Debt Disarmament Act.” The primary sponsors are Democrats Howard Hunter of Hertford and Billy Richardson of Cumberland and Republicans Ed Goodwin of Chuan and Bobby Hennig of … Read more

Commentary: On Memorial Day, Commemorating the First Death in Major League Baseball | editorial

Joe Gozzardi Eddie Grant, a Harvard Law School graduate and the third former baseball player to play for the Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Giants, was the first Major League baseball player to be killed in World War I. In all, seven other major players lost their lives in the Great … Read more