How to buy dip: 3 tips for smart investors | personal financing

(Katie Brockman) The stock market has experienced a downturn recently, with Standard & Poor’s 500 Officially entering a bear market after falling more than 20% from its peak. While recessions and bear markets can be intimidating even for the best investors, they are also one of the best buying opportunities. Stock prices are now much … Read more

Oracle stock looks like a buy even in the doldrums

font size Oracle expects its cloud business to grow at least 30% in the next fiscal year. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Amidst this diabolical brew of price hikes, high inflation, and recession fears, the tech sector offers Few hiding places for investors. The market is shying away from the high-growth, nonprofit software stocks that have driven … Read more

Viewpoint: With global stock markets turbulent, a healthy corporate culture is more important than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

Company culture can be difficult to define and even difficult to measure—one of the most important factors shaping a company’s long-term performance. I’ve seen this up close in companies ranging from Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, -1.74% BRK.B, -1.57%And the which I wrote about inBerkshire Beyond Buffett: The Lasting Value of ValuesTo Constellation Software CNSWF, -1.68%And the … Read more

Companies that buy back shares enjoy a discount as the markets falter

Companies that buy back their shares get more bang for their buck as the market drop leads to lower stock prices, which helps boost buyback activity, which is expected to reach a record $1 trillion this year. S&P 500 companies reporting first-quarter results so far spent $269 billion on buybacks in the period, up 58% … Read more